About the Council

About PNC

The PNC is an autonomous, regulatory body constituted under the Pakistan Nursing & Midwifery Council Act (1952, 1973) and empowered to register (license) Nurses, Midwives, Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) and Nursing Auxiliaries to practice in Pakistan. PNC was established in 1948.

What are the functions of the PNC?

  • PNC sets the curriculum for the education of Nurses, Midwives, LHVs and Nursing Auxiliaries.
  • PNC inspects educational institutions for approval based on established standards
  • PNC provides registration (license) to practice.
  • PNC maintains standards of education and practice.
  • PNC works closely with the four provincial Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs).
  • PNC plays and advisory role for the overall benefit of Nurses, Midwives, LHVs and Nursing Auxiliaries in the country.
  • PNC maintains an advisory role for the Federal and Provincial Govement regarding nursing education and nursing services.
  • PNC communicates policy decisions regarding nursing education and the welfare of nurses, taken in Council meetings, to Governments, Nursing Institutions, NEBs and Armed Forces Nursing Services for implementation.
  • PNC prescribes penalties for fraudulent registration by intention of pretense, and removes persons from the Register for professional misconduct.

Mission of Pakistan Nursing & Midwifery Council

Pakistan Nursing & Midwifery Council, as significant participant in the health care delivery system in the country is dedicated to provide support for the professional development and competencies of those who study Nursing, Lady Health Visitors and Midwifery. The aims of PNC also include monitoring for implementation of national standards in Nursing, Health Visitors and Midwifery education and practice by providing Registration /infrastructure and arranging continued educational opportunities for registered member.

PNC Acts & Regulation

The Pakistan Nursing & Midwifery Council Act, 1973 Act No. XXVI Of 1973 Passed By The National Assembly Of Pakistan (received The Assent Of The President Of The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan On Friday The 9th February, 1973)

Professional Code of Ethics for Registered Nurse, Midwife. Lady Health Visitos and Nurse Auxiliary.